Finding the Values of Your Collectibles

It's time to finally sell that card collection you've been holding on to for years.  You've taken the really valuable ones to a card shop, and you plan to sell the rest at your next garage sale.  But you don't want to undersell yourself -- you want to sell the cards for at least close to what they're worth.  Plus, you should make sure there aren't any hidden gems you forgot about.

An antique gasoline pump collectibleWhat do you do now?  Find out how much your cards or other collectibles are worth.  This is a list of resources to help you determine the most accurate price for those limited edition action figures, Beanie Babies with intact tags, and shiny Pokémon creatures (as well as everything in between). is a great resource, no matter the item you're looking to sell!

If you've got any antiques that you're not interested in keeping, you may be able to get a good price on them.  Kovels ( provides a thorough database of antique descriptions and prices that you can use for free, although the lack of pictures can make an accurate search difficult.  The Antiques section of provides a list of invaluable databases you can search that are more specific, such as maps, spoons, dolls, and even radios (  If you have a specific item, there is likely to be a database or Web site devoted to pricing it.

Trading cards come in two basic varieties -- sports and non-sports.  Sports cards can be easily and freely priced by entering them into's convenient pricing tool.  Or there are pricing guide books that can be purchased at card shops, and though these may be more accurate, they are rather tedious to use.

Free for personal use, is a nearly-complete database of Star Wars action figures, from creatures to ships to figures from each movie.  There are not a lot of online resources for other action figure types, but has many book-form price guides available at reasonable costs.

Even rare books can draw in some good money.  A free resource is, which has over 50,000 prices of antique books.  It even has an author signature guide to help you determine if that signed copy you have is real.

Maybe you've stumbled on someone's old collection of comics in your attic, or you've finally decided to let your collection go. is totally free and helps you hunt down the best price for each issue of nearly any comic by nearly any publisher.  Similarly, has almost 12,000 members who can help you out if you can't seem to find an accurate price. provides resources for five big toy collections, if the action figure databases didn't have what you were looking for. is another great free resource; this one brings together collectors of all sorts to discuss and price their beloved toys.  The site is updated constantly by members, so you should find the most up-to-date information here.

If your personal research fails, you can always find an expert in your area who is willing to help you price.

Another great free resource is, where you can list your sale and find others in your area at no cost!

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 Janie Lou Tiu
Janie Lou Tiu
3/2/2013 10:32:05 AM #

Collectible items are quite valuable this time.It's because you just can't buy it anymore in any stores and there are a lot of people who are willing to spend a great amount just to satisfy their wants. All I can say is, to all collectors who already want to let go of their precious items, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE REAL VALUE FOR THOSE ITEMS YOU SELL. Goodluck!

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