Leg Pain Treatments

Does your job require you to stand in one place for too long?  Are your legs taking daily abuse they simply can't handle?  Do you find yourself suffering from pangs in your limbs, long after you've finally gotten to sit down and relax for a few hours?  (Is this sounding like a bad commercial?  Yes!)  If any of these are true, you may want to see about some leg pain treatments, especially some you can do at home without paying exorbitant doctor's fees to be told that, yes, you need to do these very things!

working legs

As is often true with aching joints, a steam bath will help clear up your leg pain.  You'll need to heat the water to the hottest you can possibly handle, then seal off the room so none of the heat escapes.  (Either that, or jump in the hot tub!)  There's also hands-on -- literally -- therapy for someone suffering from leg pain: a weekly massage will help loosen the muscles and tendons and ease the discomfort.  Can't afford a professional massage?  Exchange with a friend for free.

 If you feel inclined to take pain medication when you first wake up in the morning -- don't; there are some more natural solutions that you can ingest.  If you eat three to four walnuts on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, you may find them to be a natural pain reliever.  Alternatively, you can boil 1 teaspoon of saffron in 1/2 cup of water, then divide the resulting mixture into three parts and mix with water thrice daily as a natural pain relief.

 Some oils do wonders for aching legs.  Camphor and mustard oil, when mixed together, create the perfect massage oil to relieve leg pains; do this once daily for as long as the pain lasts.  Also, if you increase your intake of cod liver oil, you may find your joints to feel more lubricated and less inclined to give you trouble during or after work.

 It's easy to feel like you need to cram down a poorly nutritious meal during your short lunch break; it's also easy to believe you deserve something that tastes good rather than is good when you finally get a rest from your tedious job.  However, if you consume a well-balanced diet, and if you're especially conscious of it on the days when you're laboring, you'll automatically be less inclined to have leg pains, and perhaps avoid it altogether with the proper nutrition.

 Home remedies are one way to live frugally!  Visit our home page for some more.

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