Paring Down Your Possessions

Living frugally isn't just acquiring new possessions in an inexpensive way -- it means living on the bare minimum, getting rid of anything you truly don't need.  If you're in a place in your life and finances where you need to reevaluate how you spend, go ahead and consider everything you've previously indulged in.  Now is the time to look at what you have, realize what you don't use, and find a way to more resourcefully and frugally fill its place.

a macbook, Iphone and an apple nano

Electronic gadgets eat up our lives with their constant presence.  Think about how much electricity you could save if you eliminated even one of your myriad of devices from your life.  (Not everyone has a ton of devices, and if you're one of those people, high five!)  Not only that, but time is a precious commodity, too, and if you're wasting time fiddling with a device that isn't really useful, maybe it's time to say goodbye.  You only need one computer in the house (and maybe a laptop as well, if you have a desktop and travel); you can use a paper planner instead of an electronic one; you never use those kitchen gadgets anyway.

 Clothes build up quickly, and it's easy to look at your wardrobe and appreciate how many different outfits you can make.  But the more clothes you use, the more you have to wash, and the more you have to pay special attention to while cleaning.  Hope this doesn't burst your bubble, but people really don't care all that much if you wear the same outfit this week as you did two weeks ago.  Even in professional settings, workers often come wearing the same garb week after week.  You can make do with less in the case of clothing -- the amount of clothing items you actually need would probably surprise you.

 As off-the-wall as this may seem, bags are an area of your possessions that you can easily pare down.  You don't need more than one purse (just save one that's all-purpose), backpack, gym bag, or maybe even suitcase per person in your household.  If you have fewer places to put stuff, you'll take fewer things with you, and you'll quickly realize that you didn't need all that excess after all.

 Please donate your unwanted possessions; don't throw them away, as that is a complete waste, but pass them along to someone who will use them more than you will.

 You can always sell your stuff at a garage sale, to make some extra cash and eliminate what you don't need!  In that case, you should wander on over to our main page at, where you'll find tips and tricks to putting together an awesome garage sale.

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