Looking Into Perfect Sites for Secondhand Items

Pretty much everything can be found on the internet.  Not only are there websites that tell you where to buy your groceries for the best deal and pages that describe how to fix that rattle in your washer yourself, but there are plenty of great sites for secondhand items that promote the frugal lifestyle as well.  Looking for a change of shopping venue?  Try some of these excellent locations on the world wide web!

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Why Buy New REUSE is an eBay store dedicated solely to the sale of quality secondhand merchandise.  Their address is here: http://stores.ebay.com/Why-Buy-New-REUSE Here, you'll find rare and hard-to-find preowned products, especially in relation to pop culture and media.  If you're looking for a great gift for a relative who loves their DVD collection and is always looking for new titles, try purchasing from this place secondhand and bundling a bunch of reasonably-priced movies together.

 Listia functions similarly to the eBay model -- only there's no real money exchanged!  Users can sign up for an account and list items they don't want to throw away but don't think they could get money for -- such as old TVs (when moving), ratty band t-shirts that they know someone will still love, and decorative items that just aren't worth holding a garage sale over.  Then other users bid on those items using points (you start with some just for signing up), and the winner gets the item for free (though shipping costs money on some items) while the seller gets the points to spend on other items.  It's a great system of free exchange!  (Visit Lista.com.)

 Speaking of free: Freecycle networks people who are into secondhand merchandise and making sure the environment is impacted as little as possible by their purchasing choices.  At Freecycle.org, you can find your network and start listing your free items, as well as requesting that others' listings be held for you so can go pick the items up.  It's like craigslist, only with fewer scams!

 Of course, there are always the classics as well.  The rest of eBay.com is a great place to get everything from used cars to customized wedding rings with your favorite superhero on them -- and their extensive listings of various secondhand merchandise is overwhelming.  Another classic is craigslist, which has free and used stuff that belongs to people in your area.  And for the book lovers, don't forget that Amazon.com and Half.com both feature used book options for your secondhand reading needs!

 For true secondhand bargains, shop garage sales!  GarageSaleCow.com can meet all your sale-hunting needs.


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