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Did you know that you can get insurance for your yard sale?  Though your homeowner's insurance will cover you up to a point for accidents that occur on your property -- such as infected cuts from rusty tools, falling boxes of books on customers, or a dog getting away and biting someone -- it is usually only up to a certain amount of money.  So long as your insurance company believes you are conducting your garage sale as a one-time event, you can get a temporary umbrella plan to cover additional risks.  Check out the first article below for some more information!

If you find works of art that appear to be from famous artists, it may not hurt to invest a few dollars.  Even if the pieces are prints, they will still look great in your home -- and if they aren't just prints, well, you may have yourself quite the find!  Detroit News's column Trash or Treasure helps people determine the value of items they find at secondhand venues -- look up organizations near you that do the same!

Last weekend, Brooksville, Fl., residents browsed the first annual Brooksville Historic District Porch and Yard Sale, down a residential area filled with pre-World War II homes.  Individual homes were invited to all host a sale at the same time, creating a large community event that attracted a significant crowd.  Successful neighborhood sales like this are inspiration to anyone who has wanted to organize a similar event!

The Florence Area Humane Society in Florence, SC, held a sale last weekend for their shelters and budget, and the third annual sale resulted in mostly empty tables!  Along with animal-themed songs and lots of great donations, people learned about the cause and donated to saving the animals.

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