Beware of Fake Bills on Your Garage Sales

 It's time for the weekly round-up of...Garage Sales in the News!

20 dollar bills

In East Toledo, Ohio, two small-time counterfeiters were arrested for shopping at local garage sales with counterfeit $20 bills.  The scammers just used a scanner and a copier at home to print up the money, and were able to spend six of their fake currency before police caught up to them and took them into custody.  Just one more example of why you should be familiar with how to tell fake money from real money!

 Want to help out the animals?  Apparently holding a garage sale is the way to do so!  Nearly $10,000 was raised at a fundraiser for the Animal Care Society in Louisville, Ky., two weekends ago, thanks to the sale of thousands of items donated to the no-kill shelter.  And it only took three days to raise the funds!

 Here's a rockin' garage sale: MusiCares and the Society of Leaders in Development (SOLID) teamed up last weekend in Nashville, Tenn., to help out with flood relief efforts in the area.  The fundraiser happens annually, but this year the most pressing need for money was to help relieve the devastating flood in May, so it was "an easy decision" as to where the funds would go.

 Instead of concentrating on raising money, the Mooresboro town yard sale is about building community relationships.  Held in Mooresboro, N.C., the sale is an annual event that anyone can join in on for free.  It's a 14-year tradition that brings 35-50 sales together each year.  One town gcouncilmember calls it, "free enterprise and recycling at its best."

 If you want some great personal stories about garage sale addictions, read the article from the Kansan that's comprised of tales readers sent in.  Blogger Sarah Mirk weighs in about sales of seized government property, and collectibles expert Aaron Lapedis spills the secrets of hunting down million-dollar finds at yard sales.

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