The Great Fanny Pack Debate

A fanny pack is almost synonymous with a zealous garage sale shopper, but with more stylish options available today, some people have ditched the fanny pack for something considered less, well, dorky.  Here are some pros and cons of using a fanny can decide for yourself if it's worth wearing one!

A new military themed fanny pack.

Pro: It's in front, so you don't have to stop and take a backpack off.

There's no counter on which to place all your items when it's time to check out, and it's nice not to have to set them all down on the ground to get to your money.  Even if you've only got a few things, you don't want to get them dirty, so having your money right at hand lets you shift them to your hip and access your money without trouble.

Con: It's not exactly a piece of classy fashion.

Let's face it -- a fanny pack is a pretty unfashionable piece to wear around.  It's a fashion from the 90s that still hasn't died, because of its relative usefulness for bikers and shoppers alike.  But it's definitely on the dorky side, and won't win you any fashion points.  If you're at all concerned about looking nice, a fanny pack may not be for you.

Pro: It keeps your hands free.

A purse is nice, but at the very least you have to hold it against your side to make sure everything doesn't spill out.  While a backpack is hands-free, you have to take it off to reach more than the side pockets.  A fanny pack lets you inspect items with both hands to find cracks or flaws or stains you may not have noticed if you were using your other hand to hold your wallet and keys.

Con: Fanny packs are getting harder to find and buy.

Since fanny packs aren't in style anymore, they are not readily available in department or clothing stores and you may have to order yours specially from an online source.  Unless you're lucky and stumble upon one at a garage sale, it could be more trouble than it's worth to find yourself a fanny pack.

Pro: You can keep comparison items in your fanny pack and not lose them.

You might be looking for a couch to go with the colors of your living room, or a piece of furniture with the right stain.  If you bring along any sort of comparison items -- like paint swatches or pages of measurements -- you can keep them in your fanny pack without the concern of losing them deep inside a purse or somewhere in the twenty pockets of your backpack.

Con: You might be confused with the garage sale host.

Sometimes, the host of a garage sale will wear a fanny pack to keep his or her money at hand, allowing them to walk freely among their customers and items without worrying about their money box getting snatched.  You may be mistaken for the host if you come wearing your own fanny pack -- you'll just have to clear up confusion and deal with a potentially awkward situation.

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