Hanging Posters

Will you be selling a lot of posters at your yard sale this year?  If so, have you considered hanging them up?  Maybe you have, maybe it didn't cross your mind; either way, there are definitely two sides to the debate over whether or not posters should be hung up at your garage sale; here are some of the arguments from both sides.

sale poster

Pro:  If you hang posters around your garage sale, people can see what they are.  Obviously, that's a much bigger selling point that just a rolled up poster that could be anything from a signed Edward Cullen mugshot to a Rick Astley pose.  Hanging up posters gives people a chance to browse them without seeming too eager; it also prevents overzealous shoppers from sneaking them away!

Con:  What about those nail holes in your wall?  If you're no careful, you could puncture something vital, and end up letting in a draft during the winter.  Small bugs could even lay their larvae in the hole, and you could end up with an infestation.  Plus, it's unsightly to have a bunch of little holes peppering the side of your house.

Pro:  Shoppers can't rip the posters in an attempt to unroll them.  They can just stand in front of them and admire them, contemplating where in the house they could be pinned up.  Shoppers also can't crunch the posters as they try to lay them flat to see the entirety, and there will be minimal dirt and grime from anywhere except the house (which, hopefully, isn't too dirty!).

Con:  What if the weather gets bad?  Wind can rip posters down, even if they are securely fastened, should it blow hard enough.  Rain will certainly make the posters soggy and easily torn.  And the sun can bleach out even the darkest of colors.  If you decide to face the weather, make sure you've got a location that's safely out of reach of the elements.

Pro:  Bright colors and bold pictures will certainly add interest to your sale for passersby.  It's a surefire way to attract attention, especially if you're selling any posters that are either currently very popular or were very popular in the past (attracting, therefore, the older saling crowd).  Posters are better than big arrows and signs pointing straight to your house!

Con:  Children frequent garage sales, and they also like to touch and tear things they don't own.  Your posters may be one of those things.

All right, now it's up to you!  Is it worth hanging up your posters to get them sold?

Got a garage sale pro-con debate you'd like us to cover?  Shoot us an email at blogger@garagesalecow.com and we'll blog about it for you!

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