Decorating on a Garage Sale Budget

Do you have a blank wall in your house you'd like to make a little less bare?  Garage saling is a great way to go about gathering decorations for your home, as they provide much less expensive options than buying new.  If you're at a loss as to how to go about planning your decorations, here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Decorating a garage sale with magazinesPosters are often expensive when brand new.  Usually starting around $5, they can get as pricey as $50 or even more for limited-edition posters.  The great thing about garage sales is that some hosts don't realize they're selling something rare, so they don't bother to put it out for a high price.  You can get all sorts of obscure and popular posters from yard sales, especially moving sales (posters are notoriously hard to pack without crunching them).

Magazine squares or cutouts are great fun, and can be easily themed to fit whatever your room décor may be.  Old National Geographic magazines are ideal for gorgeous magazine squares, and if you have a child into sports, you can cut around action shots of their favorite athletes from past issues of sports magazines.  A good way to keep these attached to each other or the wall is to use Mod Podge, a great product that gives what you paint with it a glossy finish and acts like an adhesive.

Paint samples can make a really cool collage if lined up next to each other into either a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape.  You can often find paint samples in the free box at a garage sale, as people don't expect to be able to make a profit off something they themselves got for free.  Supplement your garage sale pickings with your own trips to the hardware store, where they have a great supply of paint samples.

Fabric scraps can be used to make an unusual kind of wallpaper, or you can sew them together to make a unique bedruffle or table skirt.  You can also use them to make creative, 3D pictures to hang on your wall.  Fabric scraps are useful for all sorts of decorating purposes, so even if you can't think of something offhand, go ahead and buy up those inexpensively priced lengths of scrap fabric and save them for later.

Have any other creative ideas?  Email us at and let us know!  Maybe we'll post a future set of reader tips.

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