Considering the Weather when Shopping

You're getting ready to enjoy a sunny weekend out in the neighborhoods, filled with bargain hunting and delicious homemade refreshments, when suddenly you realize that the forecast was wrong...again.  Dealing with feisty weather as a shopper is in some ways easier than dealing with it as a host, but you do have to watch out for the occasional disappointment, as some hosts close up shop due to severe weather.  Here are some tips for dealing with each type of weather.

A rainbow on a sunny morning.


If the clouds are gathering their forces to wage a wet war against the earth, you'll want to grab your raincoat or a water-repellant jacket before you head out.  Also consider wearing a hat, to protect your face and prevent water from running down into your eyes as you look down at tables and displays.  If you plan to stay out for a while, you might want to toss a change of clothes in the car, in case you get uncomfortably wet.  And an important tip: don't wear pants that go down to or past your heel!  You're more likely to end up with slacks that are wet up to your knees if the water is allowed to take hold at the bottom.


Aw, come on, everyone deals with heat during garage sale season!  You probably have your own routines for preparing for intense heat, but here are some pointers if you don't.  A squirt bottle filled with ice water can be an instant cool-off method.  Always drink tons of water, more than you know you'll need; if you can do this before the weekend, it's even better.  Wear sunscreen if you're sensitive at all to the sun, since you can get sunburned quickly without even realizing it.  And never, ever leave your kids or pets locked in a hot car.  Too many tragic stories have resulted from that fatal mistake.


Even the most hardcore hosts will likely close up in the event that snow shows up (especially during garage sale season!).  Consider it an opportunity to have a weekend in, and hang your fanny pack back up.


Come prepared for intense winds by clamping your bills with a money clip -- or, the poor man's version, a rubber band.  Also, if you are carrying any paperwork with you -- maps, pricing guides, budgets, etc. -- be sure to tuck it somewhere it won't be caught up and blown away.  If you're concerned about your hair, you may want to tuck it up under a hat to avoid the infamous "wind hair."  Watch out for fallen branches as you peruse the neighborhoods.  Don't let flying objects either hit you or get away from you as you browse!

Thunder and Lightning

Usually, the roar of the heavens means there's a bigger storm on its way, so if the thunder and lightning seem localized over the areas you plan to shop, you may want to call it a day.  However, if storms are a regular occurrence in your area, you could just wait until the storm is passed and then head outside in thehopes that some hosts were as brave as you.

Check your forecast online?  Head right over to to find free listings and resources for a garage sale nut like you!

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