Buying Garage Sale Clothes for your Complexion

Buying clothes at a garage sale is always a fine line to walk.  On one hand, they're ridiculously affordable and you can really fill out your wardrobe on little money.  On the other hand, you can never know for sure if they'll fit you, unless you have the chance to try them on.  Even then, it's often in a poorly-lit garage, and you can't always tell if the color looks good on you.

Here are some tips for picking out clothes in case all you have to go by is the size and the natural lighting.

Buying clothing at a garage saleIf your skin tone is light, you'll be best complimented with lighter colors for your tops.  Creamy pastels, like beige, rose pink, sea-foam green, and other paler colors will go nicely with your skin.  Bright colors will also make you stand out, especially if your hair is darker.  However, wearing black may steal the attention from your face and make you appear washed-out.  Vibrant accessories will help tie everything together and add a splash of color, so invest in bold headbands and other hair pieces that will stand out.

If your skin tone is golden, you can wear just about anything.  Strong colors are more effective than lighter ones in enhancing your looks, but you can get away with pastels if you really like a piece of clothing in a light color.  Black really slims you down and your skin isn't so light that it washes you out, so if you're looking to really make a splash, choose black formal wear.  Colored pants also look great on you, so don't be afraid to be daring with those colorful slacks!

If your skin tone is bronzed, definitely go with bold warm colors, like orange, pink, and even red for your tops.  Extreme cool colors, such as turquoise, will also enhance your attraction.  Be careful with pale colors, as they will clash with and fade weirdly against your darker skin.  You can wear black, but don't overdo it -- it is a flattering color.

If your skin tone is dark, semi-rich colors are best for you in tops.  Try not to buy colors that are too dark, as your form can be obscured by the lack of contrast.  If you want to go with something light, pick a bold light color, such as pure white, ivory, or a very intense neon; all of these will make your skin stand out beautifully.  Khaki pants also have this effect.  Normally, you can wear jeans or dark slacks and look great.

Any more words of fashion advice?  Share with the community here in the comments!  Or visit to list or locate a garage sale at no cost!

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Abbie Stella Matthew
Abbie Stella Matthew
3/9/2013 2:17:58 AM #

Would it really be best for dark colored people to wear neon? My boyfriend's skin color is quite dark and I've tried to let him wear neon but I find it hhmmmmm. But I'll try to buy him khaki pants and see if it fits him

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