Bucket List for a Scavenger Hunt

Love garage saling, but don't really have a shopping list?  If you're just looking to get out and about and hit the yard sales in your neighborhood, you can have fun following this scavenger hunt list to see if you can spot all of the items named.  Challenge a garage saling friend or two -- the person with the fewest items buys dinner!

Running through your bucket list for a scavenger hunt.

-       - The Game of Life

-       - someone's baby photo

-       - a working string of Christmas lights

-       - an unused canning jar

-       - an insect collection

-       - a universal remote control

-       - rechargeable batteries

-       - some sort of Polly Pocket memorabilia

-       a cassette tape of a popular 80s album

-       throw rug

-       pink sippy cup

-       working VCR

-       stained glass object

-       baseball with signatures

-       hot dogs on sale at a stand

-       a gym bag

-       a plush Neopets toy

-       old Happy Meal toy

-       indie band poster

-       fancy-handled fork

-       Weight Watchers cookbook

-       knockoff road sign (like Great Dane Xing)

-       deck of cards with at least one missing

-       rocking chair

-       used punch card

-       cross necklace

-       unopened can of paint

-       toy Simba

More of these lists are sure to come, so if you enjoyed this one, share your stories in the comments and check back soon for another challenge!

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