Staying Cool While You Host

It's 8 a.m., and you're already sweating from lugging tables and boxes out to your driveway.  Now the sun is coming up over your neighbor's house, and every tiny patch of shade is a welcome ally in your attempts to stay cool as customers begin to arrive.  By 10 a.m., it feels like midday, considering how much sweat is pouring down your body.  And by the afternoon, you're lying half-dead in your chair, languidly taking sips of the lukewarm lemonade you've been trying to sell.

A fan to keep you cool while you host a garage sale.Sound familiar?  Overheating at your garage sale is inconvenient and takes your mind away from being a sharp barterer.  It also makes the whole experience unpleasant, especially if you're the only one manning your sale and can't take any breaks.  Just how can you stay cool on a hot summer's day when you can't go inside?

Start by setting up your payment station in the shade.  Try to pick a spot that will be covered all day -- maybe put your table and chair(s) in the garage, while the rest of the items are outside.  Or set up under a tree, if you have one.  If there aren't any places that will remain cool for the duration of the sale, choose a table that is easy to relocate, so you can migrate with the shade as the hours pass.

Sip on some cool water all day; keep an ice chest at your feet, or make sure you can run inside to grab a fresh bottle of water every now and then.  Staying hydrated may not keep you cool per se, but it will help prevent sun sickness, and it will give you energy to help fight the lethargy the sun brings with it.  Make sure to start hydrating a few days before the garage sale, and continue to consistently drink throughout the day.

Retail stores sell those little handheld fan units that also spray water.  If you think the sun will become unbearable (and you're convinced it would be too embarrassing to take a "hose-down break" with the garden hose), you might want to invest in some batteries and one of these for some temporary relief.  Or you could go a more traditional fan route and use an extension cord to plug in a box fan.  Keep the fan pointed in your direction to circulate air in your seating area; even if the air is warm, this will act as the air flow your sweat needs to be a natural cooling agent.

Prepare some ice packs the night before -- the kind used to reduce swelling (also known as blue ice packs).  Then, wrap these in handtowels or dishtowels and place them on the back of your neck.  These may eventually become intolerably cold, but for some quick relief, they're handy.  Ice cubes in a Ziploc bag also create the same effect.

Walking around, if done slowly and in the shade, will actually keep you cooler than sitting down.  This is because you escape the heat your skin produces by using the wind of your movements to blow it away.

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Romeo Bagwell
Romeo Bagwell
2/19/2013 12:32:20 AM #

I always bring a handkerchief with me since I'm kind of a sweaty person. I perspire easily and I'm heat intolerant so I need to have an electric fan pointing towards me or an air condition in the room. It gets your attention away from the sale and instead eats up your time you could use to wander and barter. Sometimes, I bring this foldable round fan with me those which are flexible and could be formed into a small circle. It was handy and it served me well.  There are more items which could be utilized to solve this problem of ours...

Brad Gentry
Brad Gentry
2/19/2013 12:37:57 AM #

If you can't stop yourself from perspiring that much, you could have an extra shirt with you or have a "sando" or tank top underneath your clothing to prevent it from soaking and having marks in your shirt. It's disgusting to see someone sweaty all the time and sometimes you ask them if they ever use a deodorant of something. That would be inappropriate and embarrassing to the you so you need to take care of your hygiene to stay cool and fresh all day. Or you could solve an issue that causes your perspiring events like solving  an anxiety in being with a lot of people. You can work on that to develop better coping mechanisms, other than perspiring a lot, when you're in an anxious situation.

Janet Mahone
Janet Mahone
2/22/2013 4:14:36 PM #

I prepare extra shirts and towels in advance when we are hosting garage sales. You can't avoid that fact that you can get sweaty in your garage sale. There's a lot of going on , the noises from people chattering, banging and stomping of kids playing, the music you've prepared plus the heat of the sun can make you perspire. I change my shirt immediately when I feel I've been perspiring too much because aside from your health, it would not look hygienic and admirable to your costumers.

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