Productivity While Hosting a Garage Sale

When you're hosting a garage sale, you might find there is often a lull in business -- during extra hot hours of the day, or at lunch time, when the shoppers are hiding out to beat the heat or grab a bite to eat.  During these times, you can't exactly walk away from the sales table and all your stuff, but you can still be doing something productive.  If you find yourself bored during your garage sale, here are some things you could do to stave off boredom and get something done in the meantime.

A paper and pen for writing a letter.

No one does this enough: back up your files.  Now's your chance to pull out your laptop and make sure that everything important is saved in case of a technological emergency.  Use DVDs and write them as data discs, or put everything onto an external hard drive.  This also gives you a chance to sort through your files, eliminating unnecessary ones to save space on your computer.

Hopefully you organize your tax documents anyway, but if it's early spring and you're nearing tax day, you might as well go ahead and starting putting everything in order.  Print off the crucial forms and fill out and sign what you need to; you can even use wireless internet outside to use an online filing program to go ahead and shoot everything off to the IRS.

Write something creative if you're feeling the inspiration.  Even if you're not particularly inspired, putting your mind to a creative piece helps get you back in the mindset of poetry or fiction or whatever form you write in -- too often, we are forced out of that place by the toils and troubles of everyday life.  Connecting on a creative level with yourself is vital to many people, and this is a good guilt-free chance to indulge in that luxury.

Or, maybe you're not feeling like fiction or poetry; in that case, start a blog, the one you've been meaning to start since you found out what blogging was but never got around to actually setting up and writing for.  Use a free blogging service like Blogger or Wordpress, and set up a personal blog at no cost to yourself, then add a theme and upload a few entries.  Shoot the Web address to family and friends so they can follow you. (Tumblr is also a great choice!)

Write letters.  It may be a lost art, but that doesn't mean that opening the mailbox to find more than just bills doesn't delight all of us.  Hunt down an old friend's address and shoot them a note recalling an inside joke you shared.  Send a handwritten letter to your significant other at their workplace, so they'll have something delightful to read on their break.

If you have children, sit them down and teach them something.  You may not think you know anything worth teaching, but to your kids, you are the world, so any knowledge you impart to them will be precious and long-lasting.  Even if it's just a simple craft you yourself learned as a child, they will delight in getting to spend time with you and imitate you in a way that you've approved of.

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