Garage Sale Driveway Pre-Clean

From the way you sort your items to the tidiness of the clothes you're wearing, presentation can be everything when it comes to a garage sale.  That's why it's vital for you to clean up the garage, yard, and/or driveway you'll be using for your sale.  Think it's okay to leave piles of dead leaves everywhere?  Think again!  Here are some reasons and tips for tidying up.

A clean, tidy yard and driveway.

Seeing last year's yard much may just gross you customers out.  When they drive up to your sale, you want them to be drawn in by the cleanliness of your property -- something that may indicate well-treated items of good, sound quality.  If you've got piles of dirt and grime lying around, they may subconsciously think that you treat your items the same way you treat your property, and not even bother to get out of the car.  In retail, it's good business for employees to run about straightening the merchandise and tidying up the store; it's the same way at a garage sale.

Dirt and dead leaves aren't just a problem for customers -- it's rude to your items!  You don't want to be setting backpacks you're trying to sell on top of wet mulch full of insects who would be thrilled to crawl inside the pockets, or having the shiny lawnmower hidden in the tall grass it should have mowed a long time ago.  Consider your merchandise and your customers both when preparing to clean your property.

When is it best to start cleaning?  Unless you're afraid the area is going to get messy again within a few days, you can probably work on it the weekend before yard sale weekend.  Then you can use the day or two beforehand to straighten up and get any last-minute bits you missed.

Garages are perhaps the easiest to clean of dirt and muck.  Tidying up your garage is a different story; and if you're holding your sale under your roof, you want to make sure that only items you want to sell are out in reach of customers.  However, grime is easy to get rid of: lug a hose into the garage and turn it on, then create a poor man's version of a pressure washer by putting your finger partway over the end of the hose; the water will now come out harder in the places it can squeeze through.  Most garages have concrete floors, so it's a cinch to just hose everything right out the door and into the gutter.

Start cleaning your yard by mowing the grass.  An overgrown lawn full of weeds isn't appealing at all, and makes you look neglectful.  Next, if there are lots of dead leaves scattered throughout, go ahead and rake them into a pile before plopping them into a big garbage bag.  Green looks much better than brown!  Also, if you've got some major patches of dirt or mud, mark them with a makeshift caution sign so customers know where their shoes would get dirty.

You can hose down your driveway like you did your garage, if there are large patches of grime.  However, for moss and weeds, you may want to invest in some weed killing spray and hit it a few weeks before the sale.  (Hey, it's a chance to up your property value a bit!)  Depending on how informal you want your presentation to be, you can even spruce up your driveway a bit by investing in a little sidewalk chalk and having your kids draw some welcoming pictures at the end.

How do you tidy up before a garage sale?  Share with us in the comments!

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Jack Maine
Jack Maine
2/27/2013 1:30:27 PM #

The best time to clean is today. Stop the habit of always saying, "I can do it later, tomorrow  or next week." Do what you have to do today especially if it's for your own good. Don't wait for your neighbor or close friend to tell you that your yard looks untidy already and it needs some cleaning sessions. That would be embarrassing since your talking about hygiene and cleanliness and it's from your friend.

What your house looks like represents who you are as a person. If I see your yard or driveway to be clean and tidy, it would give me an impression that you're someone I may like to know and be friends with. But, if I see a lot of leaves on your yard, tall grass, garbages scattered around the driveway then I would not dare to go even near you. How much more if you're hosting a garage sale, what kind of items would I be able to purchase inside your home if this is what your yard looks like. So better clean now, it just takes a few minutes each day to sweep and pick up dried leaves and garbages.

Dillan Patel
Dillan Patel
2/27/2013 1:36:13 PM #

When it comes to mowing the grass, better use a lawn mower rather than a manual grass cutter. It would hurt you hands so much that you would not to do it again. Utilize today's advancement to facilitate easy work transition and to do your job faster and more efficient.  

If you want to read more about mowing the grass specifically, just roam around this blog. I've  read an article about keeping your yard clean with lawn mowers.

Abel Badgett
Abel Badgett
2/27/2013 1:44:35 PM #

I make see to it that there are no taints and dirt on my driveway when I host a garage sale. I cut the excess branches of a tree in front of my yard to allow a continuous flow of people without any disturbance. I provide small garbage bags here and there because I know people will buy refreshments and would not want to find a faraway garbage bin while their on a garage sale. I encourage to practice cleanliness during the garage sale by providing free alcohol and tissue papers.

When it comes to the products, I wash clothes three to four times before I display them on my sale. I iron those clothes which have good quality and fold those cheaper ones on a table. I make sure that there is no dust in every single item I display and the table, stand or cabinet where I display them should also observe the same tidiness.

Abraham Berkeley
Abraham Berkeley
2/27/2013 1:50:02 PM #

First and foremost, I clean my garage and transform it to be presentable enough for a sale. I bundle all the clutter and put them in a box where I can easily access it if ever I need some things there. I cover broken tiles, walls by just arranging my tables, chairs, and display stands to cover them up.

Before I open my garage sale to costumers, I check each item and ensure that it's in the best shape in its life Smile I want to make my products look good as new for better chances of costumers purchasing from me. I need to build trust and rapport with my shoppers and have them assured that they're getting the best items with excellent quality.

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