Complete the Checklist

Before you open up your garage sale for customers, there are quite a few things you should have accomplished.  Read over this, your hosting checklist, before you let the early birds in!

a pen and a paper

Are all of your items priced?  Are you sure the prices are accurate?

2.     Do you have enough change?  Do you know how much change you started with so you can subtract it from your total at the end of the sale?

3.     Are your signs posted up?  Do they point an accurate path to your house?

4.     Are your cars parked out of the way (in sight of your driveway or garage if you're nervous they'll be broken into)?

5.     Do your children (if you have them) know where they should be during the sale?  Are your pets (if you have them) inside and away from strangers?

6.     Are your items organized on the tables?  Do you have enough table space?

7.     Do you know how you plan to differentiate between different people's items, once they sell?  Do you have a way to keep track of others' profits?

8.     Do you have a lunch or solid snack prepared for yourself?

9.     Are any refreshments you're selling being kept at their proper temperature?  Is the refreshment stand set up and clearly marked?

10.  Are your online ads accurate and out in the public eye?

11.  Is your driveway or garage clean and ready for a bunch of strangers walking on it?

12.  Are you well-rested and properly dressed?  Will you be comfortable in what you're wearing?

13.  Are you going to be warm or cool enough?

14.  Is the weather cooperating?  Do you need to postpone the sale?

15.  Are you ready to sell your stuff?!

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