Bake Sale Tips

"Bake sale" probably conjures up images of your childhood, when your class at school would hold a bake sale every time you needed a fundraiser.  Now, though, you can actually use a bake sale to make some money on the side for yourself.  This isn't a complete guide to how to host one of these kinds of sales, but you can definitely use these bake sale tips to get you started and keep you focused on your reasons for holding one in the first place.

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Why would you host a bake sale instead of a garage sale?  Here are a few potential reasons:

-       You don't have secondhand merchandise to sell.

-       You want your children to be able to help more than they would at a garage sale -- they can chip in with the baking and preparations.

-       You don't have the space to hold a garage sale, or are combining with someone else.

-       You have some awesome secret recipes that will blow customers away and bring them back for seconds!

 Make your own products!  This is the cardinal rule of bake sales.  If you go out and get store-bought products to sell, you're not going to get a whole lot of business, because unless you're just setting out to break even (which makes it a silly venture), you have to charge more than you bought the baked goods for.  That means you have to make your own, meaning your shoppers can't put a price on them and will be more willing to shell out money for the love and care you put into the baking process.

 Here are some ideas for what you can bake and why:

-       Cookies: simple and easy to vary.  You can bake a ton of cookies in a short amount of time; it's easy to double, triple, or even quadruple a cookie recipe.

-       Brownies: a bake sale classic.  Toss in M&Ms or peanuts for variety.

-       Cake: slices of any kind of cake can sell well as an immediate bake sale snack.

-       Bread: everyone can use a loaf of delicious homemade bread!

 Wrap the items well, with clean hands.  The last thing you want is for someone to get sick from your bake sale and come try to get their money back!  (Plus, you don't want people to get sick in general.)  Make sure you're being sanitary when you're preparing and wrapping the goods, and be certain your children are doing the same; wash your hands if you touch anything other than the food, and don't mix products with potential allergens together.

 If your bake sale is part of a garage sale, you can advertise it for free on!  Visit us now for this great resource.

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