Making your Pets Comfortable

Despite what pet stores and retailers might tell you, your dog or cat doesn't need an expensive pet bed.  There are plenty of good bedding substitutes that will be just fine for your furry friend's lair!  Just make sure you clean it regularly, fluff it up so it isn't just thin material over a hard surface, and observe your pet at first so you can determine whether or not they have allergies to the new bedding.  Frugal pet owners, these are great options for you!

a cat on the towels

Towels make wonderful bedding, especially if they are thick and soft.  Granted, those are usually what towels feel like when they're new, as opposed to the more raggedy, thin things that have seen better days, but even if you buy your pet a brand new towel to become their bedding, you're probably paying less than for those pre-made fluffy rounds they call pet beds.  Generally, though, you can use your cast-off old towels that are just a little too good to become rags.

 Baby blankets are soft and warm and pretty!  They're also less expensive than pet beds, and you can find them at garage sales when a family is done having children and doesn't want the extra light pink and blue bedding around anymore.  You could buy a baby blanket brand new, but as long as you wash it well, anything from a flea market, thrift store, or garage sale will do nicely.  Sometimes these blankets become softer with love anyway!

 Old shirts that you don't use anymore are great bedding for small animals, or as extra padding in the beds of larger ones.  The best part about using your worn-out clothing is that it smells like you, something your pet will take comfort in!  If you're having any trouble getting your pet to sleep in their bed as opposed to in yours, you can put down one of your shirts and make them believe they're snuggling with you!  What happens when you wash these?  Just put a little bit of something you regularly wear -- perfume, body wash, or aftershave -- and it'll smell like you again.

 If you want your pet to have an actual, official bed, you can construct your own homemade pet bed.  Find a free pattern online and use fabric and stuffing scraps, which you can glean from your crafting friends (or from your own collection, if you fall into that category).

 Check out our home page for some garage sale listings near you!  Find your pet's next comfy bed this weekend.


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