Getting Rid of Pet Breath

Bad pet breath can make you want to toss your animal right out of the bedroom and never let them back in again.  Whether it smells like they've been chewing on your old shoe or munching on their own, well, doo, it's not something you want plastered in your face in the morning!  Especially when it comes to dogs, there are some ways you can try getting rid of pet breath that's foul and disturbing your peace.  Try one of these options!

a cute pet dog

Fresh breath bones, such as Greenies, can really make a difference.  If your dog (or even cat; Greenies makes them for felines as well!) enjoys chewing, they'll love Greenies.  The dental chew product is shaped like a toothbrush and contains a lot of ingredients that help remove plaque and prevent bad breath.  There are other similar products, and some pet owners claim that rawhide chews are equally effective, but Greenies have generally gotten good reviews.

 Wheat grass is a very natural way to get your pet's breath under control.  Some pets will not consume this plant, but others delight in eating it and other grasses (and subsequently heaving it back onto your carpet -- so keep your pet outside if he or she eats wheat grass); you can grow your own as a cheap breath-neutralizer, and coax your pet into eating it in his or her food if they won't simply munch it on their own time.

 If you can obtain a pet toothbrush, or have a child's vibrating toothbrush (you'll need the gentler setting if your pet will stand it in their mouth), you can always brush your pet's teeth with animal-friendly toothpaste!  While the toothpaste itself doesn't smell too wonderful, the after-effect is that the bacteria built up in your pet's mouth is at least mostly eliminated.  It may take more than one family member to hold your pet down for this activity, but it's much less expensive than a professional cleaning.

 Sometimes, though, a professional cleaning is just the only way.  If your animal's breath does not improve after you try home-grown techniques, there may be something more serious than just poo-consumption going on.  Don't make a special visit to the vet just for the breath, unless it came on suddenly and will not go away; just mention it during their checkup, thereby avoid the extra fees associated with a surprise visit.

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