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Planning to set up a booth in your local flea market and make some money on the weekends?  Having a flea market booth is great, because it's like a weekly garage sale you don't even need to buy a city-issued permit for.  However, you may find that your own garage junk isn't enough to keep your stand open on a regular basis, so you might need to turn to a product you import in bulk.  Need some ideas for what to sell?  Here are some of the most popular flea market items.

A pair of elegant lamp shades

Lamps are a very popular item.  They're a great way to add ambience to a room, while at the same time being a decorative piece.  Bought from retail stores, they can be pretty expensive, so many people turn to flea markets to find less expensive versions of the same lamps they see in their favorite stores.  The opportunity to haggle on the lamps is also appealing.  You can obtain a bunch of lamps wholesale and sell them for a nice profit if you know how to work the market.

Picture frames are also popular at flea markets.  With vintage styles being back in vogue, it's not unusual for people to want antique frames -- you can find these at thrift stores and turn them for a pretty penny.  If you know how to frame works of art or photographs, you can also offer that as a service, in case they've bought artwork elsewhere at the flea market and are in a hurry to get it framed.

Electronics have been a hot ticket item since personal electronic devices came out on the market.  If you can get your hands on some used cell phones and clean them up, they will sell very well, since they cost so much bought new and some people are just looking for a phone to tide them over until their next upgrade.  Game consoles and video games are also big sellers, and if you can present them as vintage, you might be able to get a lot for them.

Everyone needs a cheap pair of sunglasses, especially in the summer, when flea markets are hottest.  Get some wholesale lots and sort them by color, style, or type (glasses for men, women, and children).  You can probably sell them for a good chunk of change each; also, sunglasses are a great product to offer deals on -- buy two, get them for a couple dollars less.

Knives and decorative weapons attract the attention of shoppers.  You'll need to check local regulations on selling knives at flea markets before you buy a whole bunch, as some states and areas do not allow the sale of weapons without a permit (or at all).

Do you love flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales as much as we do?  We'll have to see about that!  Come on by to and check out all the great stuff we've got for free, for you!

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