Homemade Items to Sell

Nothing says "I love you" quite like a handmade gift.  There are some types of items that were made to be gifted -- and as someone working a flea market stall, you can take advantage of that!  While any of the following ideas would be super expensive if you just bought enough to make one or two gifts' worth, buying the items in bulk makes them very cost-effective, especially because shoppers will pay pretty outrageous prices to get homemade items like these.

lighted candle

 Start out your venture into any of these projects by buying some essential oils.  These will add the perfect scents to all of your products!

 Scented Oils -- You can start with something as simple and inexpensive as canola oil, then add a concentrated scent extract (anything from vanilla bean to bubble gum, and any combination of the flavors in between).  Purchase some small, dark-colored containers (light-colored containers may impact the oils due to excessive light), and fill them with base oil before adding a drop at a time of the scent.  Seal them, label them, sell them!  The oils will need to infuse, but the few days between making them and putting them out for sale should be enough time (so long as you keep them in a dark place).

 Candles -- Who doesn't love a deliciously-scented, hand-crafted candle?  Buy up some wax from a wholesale dealer and make candles of various types and containers.  You'll need some candle dye and fragrance oils, as well, and if you build up enough of a collection, you can start creating your own scents!

 Bath Salts -- Another deliciously easy homemade product, scented bath salts begin with one of the many different bath salt base options available on the market.  From Epsom salt to Dead Sea salt, you can buy up expensive or inexpensive bases that will then take a few drops of essential oils of your choice.  Mix them together well and store them in a dry place; sell in batches of at least 1 cup (that will give the buyer 1-2 bath experiences).

 Lotions -- For homemade lotion, you need a skin-moisturizing lotion and pure water, along with an emulsifier for a more professional-looking product.  Of course, if you want a scented lotion, drop in a bit of essential oils.  You can also put in fruit juices, as many of these are actually beneficial to the skin.  Be sure to list the ingredients and their purposes on the labels!

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