Entertaining at Flea Markets

Most people see flea markets as venues at which they can sell their artwork or a certain line of merchandise that would be difficult to market elsewhere. However, if you consider yourself more of an entertainer than a salesperson, you may want to think about taking your art form to the flea market stage and trying to earn some side money that way! Here are some entertainment options you might be able to pull off at a flea market.

A magic show at a flea market.

Dancing -- Perhaps you kept practicing even after your dancing lessons ended, and you're still in a place where you could reasonably entertain an audience watching you dance. Or maybe you know a popular local style well enough to teach basic lessons. Either way, your dancing can come in handy! Find an open area where you can either dance in the center of a circle of interested passers-by or teach willing partners the steps to your style.

Puppet show -- Children love to watch puppet shows, especially if they're populated by colorful characters! If you have a knack for storytelling and a collection of puppet friends that are child-friendly, you can set up a small stage for yourself and ask for small, reasonable donations from the youngsters passing through (or their parents). Even if you don't make a lot of money, it could be a fun, community-filled way to pass a weekend.

Poetry reading -- Do you have some poems you'd like to get out into the world? Or have you been told that you have a particularly beautiful reading voice? Whether you choose to read your poems or others', like classic works from writers such as Robert Frost or Shakespeare himself, you can cheaply set up a stand and a hat or donation container and present yourself as an artist hoping to be repaid for your service to the craft

Juggling -- You don't have to be a clown to know how to juggle, or to make money doing it! Especially if you can juggle interesting things, like flaming sticks or knives, you can draw a sizeable crowd, some of whom will be willing to toss you a few dollars.

Magic tricks -- Adults and children alike are fascinated by a good magic trick, and an entire show can draw a significant number of intrigued audience members! Advertise the time and place of your show throughout the flea market, and when it comes time, pass around your magician's hat when you ask for donations.

Flea markets, auctions, thrift stores, and garage sales: we love all manner of secondhand merchandise acquisition!

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Clark Dunham
Clark Dunham
2/17/2013 4:00:04 AM #

Amazed on how magicians do their tricks to earn viewers. Willing to train and be an apprentice who is a master in magic. I envy them because they do what they love, they put smiles on people's faces and earn money at the same.

Barry Horne
Barry Horne
2/17/2013 4:04:57 AM #

I saw these men who act like statues and when you give them coins, then they would start to move and pose differently. Then the cycle goes all over again until they earn a lot. i think its very hard to stay still for such long periods . what if your face itch? i could not take it if i could scratch that it immediately...just plain awe to them clap.clap.clap.

Luke Oddonell
Luke Oddonell
2/17/2013 4:16:15 AM #

we earned a couple of hundred dollars by doing mob dances in parks and near flea markets, it was fulfilling seeing other people smile and happy with our performance...we may be at your next flea market, watch out guys!!! xtronics signing off Smile

Romeo Higley
Romeo Higley
2/23/2013 11:26:35 AM #

How long have been dancing luke? I'm dancer when I was younger. I still got the moves but now that I don't have time to dance anymore because of my priorities, my work, my family, my life.

Anyway, bringing your children at flea markets to entertain is a possibility. It will develop their confidence and speaking skills with hundreds of people listening and watching them perform. They could read a story, recite a poem or show off individual talents such as dancing and singing. Just don't force them to perform so that you can generate more income. Let them choose freely and support them whatever path they may choose.

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