Wonderful Wrap Recipes

There is no more portable lunch than the wrap!  Potentially less messy than a sandwich and certainly easier to transport, the wrap can be filled with just about any combination of proteins and flavorings and still fill your stomach for the day.  If you have been more of a sandwich person all your life and haven't yet experienced the deliciousness of eating a wrap for lunch, here are some wonderful wrap recipes and ideas for you to try out.

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 The category of vegetarian wraps encompasses a wide range of food ideas.  You can sauté up some vegetable slices in a bit of chili powder and garlic salt and spread them across a tortilla, or you can chop up raw vegetables, pour a little ranch dressing on the tortilla to moisten it, and enjoy a crunchy lunch.  Alternatively, if you enjoy tofu, that can make up the protein aspect of your vegetarian wrap, along with a slice of non-dairy cheese and some mustard.

 Subway and other sub-sandwich stores often offer their various menu option as wraps as well, and these deli meat wraps can be some of the most satisfying foods you ever sink your teeth into.  To make your own, you'll want to choose your favorite deli meat -- from ham to turkey to tuna to bologna, to some combination thereof -- and get a few slices of a good cheese.  Spread mayonnaise and mustard on the tortilla, then lay down the slices so you can easily roll it up, along with some lettuce and pickle slices.  Delicious!

 Maybe you're planning on making a meal out of your wraps.  Try chicken wraps -- a tasty mix of pan-fried chicken and anything you would normally put on this versatile meat!  You can have lemon-garlic chicken wraps, pesto chicken wraps, chicken wraps with Asian flavors, or a simple rosemary and red wine vinegar chicken mix to put inside a whole wheat tortilla.  Be careful to fully cook the chicken pieces, because to consume this much undercooked meat would make you very sick.

 Teriyaki beef wraps are a bit more time-consuming than some of these other recipes, but very worth it.  You'll need to steam up some white rice as the base for the wrap, and then sauté or bake up some thin, short beef slices in a teriyaki sauce.  Don't forget to steam some broccoli and coat it in the sauce as well; scoop extra sauce over the rice, too, so that everything is saturated in the tasty flavors.

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