Oatmeal Variations

 Breakfast has never been the most expensive meal of the day by any stretch of the imagination, but still, it's tempting to cut it out of your daily routine when you're trying to save money.  However, there's an incredibly inexpensive frugal breakfast that you can incorporate in various ways throughout your work week: oatmeal!  These oatmeal variations and other ideas will help get you started on a healthy track towards eating three good meals every day.

healthy oatmeal for breakfast

A classic combination for oatmeal is cinnamon and sugar.  You can use white sugar if you're low on supplies, as it will do the sweetening job, but for a rounder taste, you'll want to find some brown sugar.  Be careful when adding cinnamon; go overboard, and you'll be breathing cinnamon for hours.  If you like other "pie spices," such as nutmeg, you can toss a sprinkle in there as well, for a more dessert-like oatmeal dish.

 Inexpensive dried fruit bits make a great addition to oatmeal, especially when the fruit is dried to a crispy state (then it will reconstitute with the water, and be squishy and delicious!).  If you dry your won fruit, you can use homemade fruit bits; otherwise, raisins are inexpensive enough to include in your oatmeal on a regular basis.  Another option is to check stores like Walgreens for inexpensive bags of mixed fruit (they have them for $1 in some states), and mixing in some of those.

 If you don't mind your oatmeal sweet, and really enjoy some unusual flavors, you can pour in a drizzle of flavored syrup, the kind used to sweeten and flavor beverages such as coffee and Italian sodas.  These syrups can be purchased in small bottles, or made at home, if you have the right ingredients (usually sugar, water, a pot, and some sort of flavoring agent).

 Those instant packages of oatmeal might be convenient and delicious, but they're also much more expensive than they need to be.  Make your own instant packages by bagging up a handful of oatmeal with whatever toppings you'd like to have when you arrive at work (or school, or wherever you're taking your instant oatmeal).  To thicken up your oatmeal even more, put some plain oats through the blender and sprinkle a little of the oat flour into each bag as a thickener.  Mmm!

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