Why a Freezer is a Good Investment

Not everyone has the space for a giant freezer, but if you've got the prime real estate for it, it's not a bad idea to consider one while you're living the frugal lifestyle!  Sure, there's the electricity costs to consider, but especially if you've got a cool place to store the freezer, there are ways you can save on the cooling bill -- and it's of particular use if you're good with coupons.  This article lists why a freezer is a good investment and helps point the way towards getting one.

freezer with lots of food

A freezer allows you to buy from bulk stores.  Places like Costco and other warehouse, wholesale stores only sell their merchandise in gigantic amounts, which saves on the cost per unit but is useless if you don't have anywhere to store most of the food and must throw it out.  With a big freezer, you can portion out the food into freezable serving sizes and stretch it out for a long time, saving hugely in the long run on per-unit costs.

 A freezer allows you to use really good coupons.  Sometimes, coupons will get you free items or allow you to get a buy-one, get-one deal that leaves you with a lot of food.  If you just have a conventional above-the-refrigerator freezer, you may not have room to put these coupons to good use.  A big freezer lets you use the coupons now, while the item is a great deal, and not have to worry about purchasing that second whole chicken later on down the road.

 A freezer lets you can and make your own foods in bulk.  While canning is a helpful preservation process, homemade canned food doesn't always keep as long as store-bought; however, if you can put it in a freezer, you're able to keep it for much longer.  Additionally, you can make giant batches of convenience foods, such as lasagna, pasta sauce, chili, soup, and homemade burritos, and freeze whatever you're not currently devouring (that, you keep in your fridge).

 How can you get a freezer?  Start with friends, asking around to see if anyone is moving and doesn't have the resources to take a giant freezer with them.  If that doesn't prove fruitful, try the free section of craigslist and the Freecycle network for your area.  Because freezers are so bulky to try and move, and since even old freezers last a long time, you will likely be able to track someone down who's getting rid of a perfectly good freezer for free or cheap.

Here's a big tip for big savings: shop secondhand merchandise at garage sales!

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