Salvaging Coupons From People Who Don't Want Them

Not everyone can appreciate the value of a good coupon!  If you're one of the people who does, you can make use of those that others throw away (or would throw away, if you didn't get to them first).  Salvaging coupons from people who don't want them is a great way to save some otherwise wasted paper, and even if you can't use two of the same coupon on one grocery trip, you can probably find a way to use them up before they expire.

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Ask for coupon donations in your workplace.  You'd probably be surprised by how many of your co-workers don't use coupons on a regular basis, or even at all.  Send up an email or put up a notice, asking your coworkers to make an effort to save their coupons and bring them to you.  Unless you want to sort through a myriad of coupons, ask specifically for a type of coupons -- grocery, for example, or "Wednesday mailer."

 Ask your neighbors if you can take their coupons on Wednesdays.  You may not want to ask if you can directly remove the coupon packets from the mailbox, because that can make your neighbors nervous that you'll take the rest of their mail too, but you can approach them with the request that when the coupons come, they hand them over (the ones they don't use, of course).  Think about it this way: either you'll get extra coupons every week, or you'll find a new frugal friend!

 Cut deal with your friend about the Sunday paper.  If they regularly buy the paper, but only read it and don't use the coupons -- and you use the coupons but don't read it -- see if they would be willing to split the price of a subscription.  Then you can hand over the reading material and keep the flyers for yourself!  You may even find a generous friend who is happy to give you the coupons outright instead of asking for half the subscription.

 Rummage in recycle bins -- just don't be a creeper about it.  It is illegal in some places to search through a waste receptacle, even if it's just full of paper, but if you hunt through the bins before they make it to the dumpster, you're less likely to be noticed or stopped. is a great place for frugal people to get the information they need!  Come visit us today.


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