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Living a frugal lifestyle but still want to treat your special someone to a wonderful evening?  No problem!  There are lots of cheap date options out there; it's a matter of making them happen!  You may feel pressure to take your date somewhere that costs way more than you can afford, but just remember -- if they don't have the spunk to try out something different and be willing to live life frugally, well, you may not be able to get along anyway.

A jam packed concert.

Cheap Dates are great for first dates, tenth dates, or I-can't-rememberth dates!  Whether you've been married for years or are just starting to get to know your significant other, these inexpensive outing options can be great fun.

This time in Cheap Dates, we'll take a look at free concerts.  A taste of the music scene, no matter how well-known, can be just the thing to get you and a new date talking until you realize the birds are singing and you've chatted all through the night!

Seek out free concerts in your area.  Parks and community centers often have areas where they put on free music shows, or shows for a very low cost compared to most events (which generally range in price from $20 to $150 and more).  Free shows most often occur in the summer time, when more popular bands are not on tour, so if you're planning ahead, you can look into May, June, July, and August shows.

If it's open seating at the venue, get there a little early.  Bring something to snack on and something to do, whether that's a deck of cards or topics for conversation.  If the event is taking place in the park, bring along a blanket to sit on or place over your laps.  Be prepared with an umbrella in case it rains, too!

Let yourself get into the music!  If you're standing there awkwardly with your date and aren't willing to sing, dance, or sway along, you won't have a very great time.  Enjoy the show!  If you know any of the songs, belt them out, or slow dance together to the more romantic pieces.

Buy a song or album to commemorate the evening.  Had a great time?  Pick up a CD from the band, or see if you can find one of their songs online, and make it one of your theme songs with your significant other.  It'll be a source of memories and inside jokes for years to come. has lots to offer you as someone trying to live frugally in a tight economy!  Visit us today.

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