Advertising Your Auction Items

If you're selling a lot of items at an upcoming auction, you can go about advertising it much like a garage sale.  This way, you'll find people who are interested in your specific items who might not otherwise have known to come to the auction house where you're hawking off your things.  Not sure how to go about advertising your auction items?  Try some of these helpful tips and get an audience of eager bidders today!

There is for sure some specific information you'll need to include if you make up some signs.  You'll want to put down the day of the auction, and the approximate time that your items will be auctioned off (as well as the general time of the auction in case they get curious and want to check out other things).  You'll also need to provide a location -- the name of the auction house for sure, and perhaps even the address if you've got room.  Also, be sure to describe what kinds of things you're selling, at least in general terms, so people aren't inclined to just dismiss it as "someone's junk they're getting rid of."

You'll want to be sure and pick some good locations for hanging the signs.  You can use your normal garage sale sign haunts, but because people aren't going to be following arrows to the auction house, you'll actually want to put the signs somewhere that they can write down the information and access it later.  That means the public board at a grocery store or community center is an excellent spot, along with an announcement bulletin at places like your church or school. 

Social networks, too, are great for advertising your auction items.  This way, you can specifically target the people you think might be interested -- either by posting in a group built around the kinds of things you're selling, or by sending personalized messages.

 Invite people personally, if you know some who might be intrigued by what you're auctioning off!  You may know people from various internet forums surrounding your hobbies -- Facebook groups, message boards, and the like -- and you can send them individual messages letting them know that if they're in the area, there will be a sale on such-and-such a day.

 If the auction doesn't go well and you decide to have a garage sale instead, you can come list it for free at! 

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