• Frugal Pets

    Recovering a Lost Pet

    Pets are expensive enough when you've got them close -- they shouldn't cost you money if they run away!  Recovering a lost pet is extremely important to a loving pet owner, and there are ways that you can stay frugal and still get your furry friend home.  If Fido or Fluffy has run off...
  • Auctions

    Advertising Your Auction Items

    If you're selling a lot of items at an upcoming auction, you can go about advertising it much like a garage sale.  This way, you'll find people who are interested in your specific items who might not otherwise have known to come to the auction house where you're hawking off your things.  N...

This feature is not yet avaiable for BETA. We are working hard to implement all the new exciting tools for the ultimate GarageSaleCow experience. Please check back soon.