• Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    Offering Technical Support

    Garage sale hosts don't usually offer return policies for a reason: it opens up way too many scam opportunities.  But not only that, it also allows customers to bother the host if they don't know how to use the item or are searching for technological help.  If you decide it's a good idea a...
  • Garage Sale Shopping Tips

    Using the Free Box to Scrapbook

    Are you a crafter?  Do you love to put together little goodies to sell on Etsy.com, or just to hang on the walls of your house?  Have you made all your kids' toys by hand and given homemade gifts for the past five years running?  Then keep reading, because you're about to save a load ...
  • Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    Benefits of the Free Box

    Many garage sales have a free box, where what is clearly the previous owner's trash can be discovered as little treasures for some lucky shopper.  This article will explain why having a free box is beneficial to any yard sale, both for you and for your customers. When it comes to the pricing st...

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