Case Against EBooks

Technology is catching up to every portion of our lives, including our reading habits.  Now, instead of pulling a grungy paperback off the dusty bookshelf, we can download our favorite author's latest works and scan them on a Kindle or other eBook reader.  Avid book lovers are against eBooks, for many reasons, and this blogger happens to be on their side.  Here's the garage sale case against eBooks -- though of course, you'll have to decide for yourself which type of book you prefer to read.

A brand new ebook reader.

Reading eBooks is a strain on your eyes.  Sure, being able to create bigger text on any book without paying extra for the large print edition is great -- but staring at a screen for the length of time it takes to read a novel can really hurt your eyes.  In the right lighting, reading a printed book won't hurt your eyes much, especially if you take regular breaks.

Here's another trouble with eBooks: you can't buy them used!  Sure, it's possible to pirate them, but that's illegal.  Bound books are handed down in families, traded around by friends, shipped across the country to strangers, and sold to fellow enthusiasts at garage sales.  Bound books carry a history with them that eBooks can't really replicate -- there are no physical pages to carry the stains of coffee spilled at the twist in the plot!

Nothing can beat the homey feeling of the pages of a real book, nor is any electronic reading format as easily transported as a paperback bound book.  Curling up by a fireside with a real book is an amazing experience, and your collection reveals how much you love each book when a guest peers at the spine and sees some worn away and others still crisp and new.  Think of how great it is to hold a cardboard book in your hands as you read to a baby.  eBooks just can't replace that!

And here's the kicker: eBooks generally cost the same as print editions of the same book.  And you can't exactly buy eBooks on the cheap at a garage sale!  So if you're a major bargain hunter, wait a few years to buy that book you've been wanting to read until you can find it at someone's garage sale, and save at least 90% on the cover price.  You can't get a bargain like that online!

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Lawrence Stiltore
Lawrence Stiltore
3/5/2013 9:50:41 PM #

I love to read books even before ebooks came out. I've tried reading ebooks and eventually it hurts the eyes but one of its advantages is that you can place it in your celphones and tablets and bring them with you with no hassle. You can even arrange it by folders and organize it the way you want it. Still, nothing is better compared to REAL books eventually. It's like real books has life while ebooks are its shadows. For me I prefer the one that you can see and hold but in the end, I must say it's still the reader's preference that matters.

Savannah Richey
Savannah Richey
3/5/2013 9:58:58 PM #

Honestly, there are a lot of ebooks in the internet to be downloaded for free. I know it's illegal but if wise enough, why spend money when you can have it for free, right? My friends are also downloading them because you can just access it for free compared to buying real books where you have to really spend real money as well.  

Sugar Stead
Sugar Stead
3/7/2013 9:04:54 PM #

If I will be a garage host, I will probably be one of the most talkative host you'll ever met. I can even tell you the story behind all those garage items.hahahaha

Lorenzo Salmen
Lorenzo Salmen
3/8/2013 12:07:00 AM #

Buying a book depends on your kind of lifestyle. When you are the type of person who wants to read books by turning page by page, then buy a real book. But if you are the type who doesn't want to organize a lot of books at your home but you love to read, then maybe buying an ebook is much better. You even get to bring them with you by storing them in your phones and tablets.

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