Preventing Scars

Scars can be unsightly blemishes on your otherwise perfect skin, and those on the face can pose a particular problem.  If you're interested in preventing scars, or in eliminating one you already have, there are a number of homespun and natural remedies you can try out.  Keep in mind that these work best on small scars, or ones that won't leave a dark mark; some scars will resist your attempts to make them fade.

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Even if you've just recently gotten an injury you're afraid will scar, you can take some immediate measures towards avoiding an unsightly mark.  Right away, apply aloe vera directly to the fresh wound.  It might sting, so be prepared for some pain, and it's certainly not a foolproof method -- but it will aid in the prevention of permanent marks.

 It may surprise you that there are some fruits that will help firm up the skin as it's healing and prevent scar tissue from forming in undesirable places.  Even if the scars have already started to form, you can apply cucumber juice to them and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it thoroughly with cold water.  This is a great temporary fix for when you can't afford the time for makeup.  Also, the juice of crushed mint leaves can be brushed across your face with a muslin cloth, or you can use lemon juice as a natural bleach to lighten the scars.

 Oils also have healing and skin-tightening properties very useful in the elimination and obscuring of scars.  Essential oil of lavender should be applied twice a day with cotton balls to the offending scars, and left to dry there.  You can try massaging coconut oil into old scars; this will not remove them completely, but will definitely help to lighten them.  The application of olive oil or tea tree oil to acne scars is a useful remedy as well.

 Mixing your own scar treatments is like being the mixologist at a lotion company!  Mix sandalwood paste with rose water, and apply it to the scars, leaving it on overnight.  The next day, wash it away thoroughly; it should help treat the scars.  Another option is to boil Fenugreek seeds in a significant amount of water, and then apply this to the face to avoid acne scars.

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