Get a Dandruff Free Hair

 Snow on the mountains!  Nope, that doesn't mean it's time to go skiing -- that means someone's got dandruff.  Dead skin flakes off the scalp and settles onto clothes and the face, sometimes to the point of irritation.  If you experience excess dandruff and would like to learn how to eliminate it, there are some home remedies you can use to get rid of this problem, without having to endure the embarrassing white flakes on your shoulders!

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 It might seem a little counterintuitive, but exposure to sun rays can actually help treat dander.  Just don't put on a hat when you go work out in the sun, if you're experiencing intense dandruff during the hot weather time of your part of the country.  Another heat-related remedy is a hot steam bath.  Take a bath in water as hot as you can stand, or spend some time in a hot tub, then massage hot oil into the scalp and wrap a hot, damp towel on your head for a few minutes.

 Many different types of natural oils are great in effectively treating dandruff at home.  If you immerse lemon peels into coconut oil for just over a week and then apply them to the hair at the scalp, the dandruff will be eliminated, at least for a while (repeat as necessary).  If you massage hot oil into the scalp before you go to bed and then rub lemon juice and cosmetic vinegar into the hair before bathing, you can rinse your hair regularly (and then with a cup of lemon juice).  This treatment, continued several times a week for a few months, will severely limit your dandruff.

 Apples have the acid necessary to help get rid of excess dander.  Two tablespoons of fresh apple juice mixed with two tablespoons of warm water can be applied to the hair for 10-15 minutes and then rinsed; this, repeated two or three times a week, is a great natural remedy.  Additionally, cider vinegar, when used as part of the rinse after shampooing the hair, helps prevent dandruff in the first place; use this regularly.

 Eggs can also help with this problem!  Beat two with two tablespoons of water and massage it into the scalp; let it sit for 10-15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.  This will also help eliminate the problem of your hair falling out, if you experience that.

 Cowvin knows all about home remedies -- he uses them down on the farm!  Check out our home page to learn more about our favorite cow friend.


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