Top Five Reusable Containers

 Being green and being frugal often coincide very conveniently!  One way is in reusable containers: these often prevent you from spending unnecessary money on the packaging costs, as well as keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfills.  The following are the top five reusable containers you can keep around your house to be both green and frugal, and ways you can use them creatively.

cold and hot water container

Water bottles can save you ridiculous amounts of money over the course of the year.  Because you can fill them with anything cool or cold, purchasing a quality water bottle can keep you from spending money on a soda drink at lunch or a water bottle after you run down to the corner store.  Plus, think about all the plastic you're keeping out of the landfills!  Water bottles don't last forever, so be sure to update yours now and again.

 Thermoses are similarly useful for keeping your drinks the right temperature, only these are, of course, for hot drinks.  Instead of adding another waxed paper cup to the landfills, you can keep your coffee or hot chocolate warmer for longer (and, at some coffee shops, even get a discount!).  A quality thermos lasts for years, and it may even encourage you to start making your own coffee at home instead of buying it out.

 Tupperware is an obvious choice for the top reusable containers -- leftovers are a great way to save money!  If you buy in bulk and make extra food, you can save money per serving and take lunch with you the next day, preventing you from spending exorbitant amounts on meals out (even fast food adds up way faster than brown-bag meals...on your wallet and your health!).

 Soap dispensers may surprise you with their inclusion on this list, but the containers for hand soap are actually what cost the most money when you're buying your favorite skin cleaner!  If you buy soap in bulk and pour it into your own soap dispenser, you can save a ton of money and probably buy one container of soap for a good several years!  Plus, soap dispensers can be adorable additions to your bathroom or kitchen décor.

 Food containers that you can then fill with bulk food purchases will keep your food fresher and your budget frugal!  Items like flour, beans, spices, and snack foods are much less expensive when you buy them without the wasteful packaging, and they stay fresher in an airproof plastic or metal container than they ever will in their factory containers.

 Maybe you can even get some of these awesome containers secondhand, at places like garage sales!  Check out the secondhand scene near you.


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