The Simple Dollar

This week, we'll look at The Simple Dollar, a frugality blog full of clearly written tips for people at any stage of financial stability (or instability).  TSD updates daily, and you can subscribe to an e-mail list for convenient delivery of all the content right to your inbox.

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Trent Hamm is the blogger behind TSD, and he speaks from personal experience.  Many of his topics are very close to his heart, from how to frugally indulge in a reading habit to how to train youngsters to be frugal to financial mistakes made early in life and how to get out of them.  Trent (he doesn't go by his last name) write honestly and openly about his own financial woes, and offers himself up as an example of how ordinary people can overcome a life of debt and live the way they want to without spending insane amounts of money.

The Simple Dollar is great because it pertains to people of all ages and at all stages in their lives.  Trent blogs about what you really need for college, how to make the most out of a whole chicken, and how to monitor the number of needless toys your children obtain.  He also reviews frugality and other lifestyle books on a weekly basis, providing his readers with more useful material if they are seeking further information.

As a reader, you can submit your questions to Trent, and he will answer him in his Reader Mailbag, a feature that pops up every few days and is chock full of great tidbits.  You may not get something specific to you from every blog entry, but the spirit of his ideas is a great thing for anyone to walk away.

TSD does come off as strongly opinionated at times, as Trent sometimes presents his personal preferences as facts rather than one way of doing things.  If you are easily offended by powerful opinions, this may not be the blog for you.

Overall, though, The Simple Dollar is a great tribute to many things: how someone can pull themselves up out of deep debt; how parents can live frugally and teach their children the same values; how one can obtain his or her dream job with the right amount of planning, spontaneity, and gumption; and how the internet is a great place for like-minded people to come together and share valuable information and resources.

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