Save on Showers

When it comes to water waste, there's no bigger culprit than the shower.  When every dollar counts, saving a few on your water bill each month can be a big help.  If you're looking for ways that you can cut back on how much your showers cost you, here are some tips to help you do so.

A man trying to save water while taking a shower.

Some people take showers for much longer than they need to, for whatever reason -- whether they find it comfortable, it helps them wake up, or they like to spend extra time cleaning.  Take an "economy" shower and time how long it takes to wash all the essentials.  Then use that time against yourself: next time you shower, set an obnoxious alarm or timer to go off when that much time has passed and promise yourself you'll jump out of the shower as soon as it does.  Alternatively, you can find a song or two that lasts the length of your economy shower, and play it while you bathe.

Instead of running the water while you scrub, for which you generally have to step out of the water anyway, turn it off as you soap up.  It's a pain, and you may have to battle for that perfect temperature, but if you're not picky this will save you a lot of water time.  The best way to do this is to have three on-times: at the beginning to wet everything down, in the middle to rinse the shampoo out before putting in conditioner, and at the end to get rid of all the suds and dirt.

Not everything needs to be done in the shower.  You can wash your face, shave, and put product into your hair in front of the mirror or sink.  If you're shaving your legs, put a thin layer of water in the bathtub and use that to rinse your razor between strokes.  Anything you can do without running water, incorporate into a different part of your routine.

Sure, that nice warm shower feels awesome -- but it also makes you linger.  Take the temperature down a few degrees, just cool enough that you're antsy to get out.  That way, you won't stand and let the water run over you just because it feels so great -- you'll turn it off before you get too chilled.

A classic reuse of the water you use in the shower is gathering it in buckets or bowls and using it to water your garden.  Since not all plants respond well to soap chemicals in the water, go ahead and just collect the water from when you initially wet yourself down.  This water should be cooled and then poured over your plants.

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