Budget Friendly Activity Gifts

They say giving is better than receiving, and it's true!  However, when you're living a frugal lifestyle, you have to really shave down on what you can buy the loved ones in your life.  In the long term, giving the gift of an activity that can last beyond the opening of the gift is a great way to stretch your gift-giving dollars.  So if you're looking to give your friends or family members something they'll remember, here are some budget friendly activity gifts you can consider, all of which are under $10.

deck of cards with dice

A $10 gift certificate to the movie theater is a pretty ineffectual gift -- that will probably buy one ticket, two matinee tickets if the theater is inexpensive.  If you want to give the gift of cinema to one of your loved ones, try giving them a gift certificate to RedBox, the $1 movie rental service, and a box of microwave popcorn.  A $5 gift certificate will let them rent five movies, and the popcorn will probably run you around $3 for six boxes, allowing a couple (or individual) to enjoy up to five evenings together as if they were at the theater!

 Give your friend a homemade dice game and you'll be granting them nights upon nights of fun!  Go to a dollar store or party favor store and purchase some loose dice in any number and combination -- perhaps by color, or by size.  Then, come up with some rules for a brand new dice game that your friends can easily learn and teach others.  The effort you put into coming up with sensible but fun rules makes this gift full of love and very inexpensive.

 Here's a fun activity both for you and for the person you're giving the gift to: a personalized deck of cards!  Find a blank deck of cards (available online for just $5) and decorate them with whatever you'd like -- photographs, collages, or just fun designs with a permanent marker.  You can make an entire deck of memories, and it will double as a practical deck of cards your friend or family member can play with (as opposed to a scrapbook, which they will only look at occasionally).

 Cooking is an activity too!  Give a recipe booklet next time you need a very inexpensive but very practical present.  Fill it with your favorite family recipes, or the best one-person dishes you know of; it's easy to customize this gift to exactly what the recipient needs.

 You can always find secondhand games at garage sales to give to your friends and family!  Check out GarageSaleCow.com to get started shopping now.

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