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Military castoff materials are hot sellers in Iraqi yard sales since the U.S. occupation.  Bargain shoppers can browse items like generators, air conditioners, trailers, and base latrines.  Merchants and civilians alike shop at these little centers of spontaneous commerce for discount merchandise that may have once belonged to them in the first place.

 In Trenton, Penn., last week, Kevin and Tammy Williams staged a garage sale to help thwart their hometown's sale of part of the water treatment system out in the suburbs.  While they realized that the sale itself wasn't going to raise much towards the $80 million cost of the system, the Williamses wanted to raise awareness more than anything.

 Live in Eugene, Ore.?  You need to pull down your garage sale signs as soon as the sale is over -- or the county may come tear them down for you.  It's not a new policy, but every year, especially on election years and right before garage sale season, the city issues a public service announcement.  It's a good reminder for people who live anywhere in the country that it's rude to just leave your signs sitting up after the date is long past!

 The official start to summer in Canisteo, New York, happened Thursday with the start of Crazee Daze, a three-day-long event that begins with a grand parade and goes on through the weekend with huge numbers of yard sales, entertainment numbers, and food stalls.  Garage salers have to wind through the parade, around entertainment like Canisteo Idol, and past kids' activity booths to see what their fellow community members have for sale.

 Clean Sweep is a massive garage sale that occurs every year (for the past ten years) at Bates College; its proceeds benefit the environment.  Students moving away from college donate tons of items to the sale, which reaches department store-size proportions and brought in over $21,000 last year.

 Check out Peter Smith's piece about how garage sales can be too revealing about the host.

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