Where to Park at a Garage Sale

Driving your car to garage sales provides a lot of comforts and conveniences that walking does not: air conditioning, music, a way to carry bigger or multiple items without resorting to dragging them, and a relatively cool place to store your food.  But there's one big hassle that can overshadow all those positives: parking.  Unless the garage sales you're attending are all held in cul-de-sacs or on long stretches of empty road, finding somewhere to park can be a pain in the patootie.

A no parking sign to guide buyers where to park in a garage sale.The best solution is to find a spot alongside the curb and parallel park.  Hopefully this was part of the test to get your driver's license, but if it wasn't, you can find a simple instructional video with a Google search (though it's recommended you learn from someone in person rather than from the Internet!).  Pull your car as close to the curb as possible in order to leave room for people driving past you, and turn your wheel to secure your car and prevent it from backing into whatever is behind you.

If the garage sale you're browsing is held in an apartment complex, see if you can find an unused space on the outskirts of the complex.  If the spaces are not numbered (meaning the people living there can choose their own space), then it's likely they won't choose outlying spaces and you won't be in anyone's way.  If, however, the spaces are numbered, it means that empty spot does belong to someone and you should probably find somewhere else to park.

If you're at a loss for where to park, you might want to broaden your scope a little -- yes, it means you'll have to walk a bit...but hey, it's good exercise -- and see if there are any stores nearby.  Parking lots usually have a corner or a row that is unused, except perhaps during the holidays, so you can probably snag a spot for the short time it takes you to browse the yard sale and get back.

In rural areas, there are often spots along the road that are just dirt patches and turn-around locations.  These are great places to park for a few minutes.  If there are only a few around, you want to be very intentional about your time so you don't hog a space just to fritter away a few extra minutes standing around.

Please, wherever you park, do not trespass!  If you absolutely have to, you can pop out of your car and go ask someone who lives near the sale if you can park in their driveway.  But this is inconvenient for you and gets irritating for the host's neighbors, making it uncomfortable for everyone.  Try to avoid this option if at all possible.

And even if you have to park a few blocks away and make a good ten- or fifteen-minute walk, do not park in the host's driveway.  This will immediately put you on their blacklist and put them in an irritated mood, making your dealings with them instantly less friendly and productive.  It also puts all the other customers out, and can even turn away sales by making drive-by visitors think there is no garage sale behind your vehicle.  Parking in front of the host's driveway is a huge no-no!

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