The Truth About an Early Bird

a bird looking far away

Your favorite TV show is Hoarders.

·         You pick your cars such that the female in your family has the dull-colored one, and the male has the bright-colored one -- much like birds.

·         You make jokes about late-shoppers.

·         Your relatives plan an intervention for your shopping addiction, but half of them forget because it has to happen too early in the morning.

·         Your alarm never gets through the first two notes of the song.

·         You get upset when people mock garage sale shopping.

·         Your favorite songs all make references to winged creatures (or good prices).

·         You put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your front door starting around 5 p.m., when you go to bed.

·         You eagerly put together a huge packet of information for a friend who tells you they're "interested in garage saling."

·         It's more convenient for you to meet someone for breakfast than for lunch.

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