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Garage sales are an awesome place to find vintage items, if old school is your style.  When you're browsing garage sales, sometimes you have to choose one particular category of items to really focus on -- that way, any training you've done for yourself as far as spotting and haggling on items can be brought to the forefront of your mind and utilized to its maximum.  Shopping for vintage items may be one of these aspects for you, and if you want it to be, read on!

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First of all, what makes something vintage?  Vintage items usually fall in one of two categories: either they are antiques and from an era long past, or they are modern but their designs are based off of old styles and ideas.  Vintage items can be anything from clothing to record covers to cars, and they are often more expensive due to their age and history (or to the complexity of creating them, since many vintage styles require a different type of equipment to make).

 To recognize vintage items among the pile of more modern merchandise, you'll need to train your eye.  Study classic patterns and color combinations that vintage designers used in many of their products.  Visit museums where they keep some of the same items on display, and pay attention the key differences between something modern-made and something created in a bygone era.  Chances are, if you're shopping for vintage items for yourself, you already appreciate the style and can spot it, but it won't hurt to practice a bit.

 Price considerations should be taken into account when purchasing vintage items.  Shopping garage sales for vintage merchandise usually means you'll get a good deal on it, since many hosts don't distinguish in price between new stuff and old stuff.  However, if a host is clever, he or she may have put a higher price on the vintage items because they could fetch a better price at, say, a pawn shop.  Just be sure to haggle calmly, like you would with any other item, so the host does not take advantage of how much you want their merchandise.

 What can you do with vintage items?  Wear them, for one thing -- even old record labels can be created into a t-shirt, say, or a handbag.  Vintage clothing is almost always in style, and if it's your style, you can pull it off no matter what era you've purchased from.  Also, vintage items make great decorations around your house, giving it an old-timey flavor.

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