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Some classic literature is just too important to our culture not to read.  Many of these books have sold so many copies that they show up at garage sales time and again, at a price much lower than any new bookstore or online product (you have to factor in shipping, of course).  This is the first of several lists of books you should never pass up -- even if you've read them, it's good to pass them on to someone else.

An array of novels and books.

Atlas Shrugged -- Ayn Rand.  Considered one of the greatest philosophical works of our time, Atlas Shrugged is also a grand work of fiction.  Rand's ideas were way ahead of her time and still ring true today, inspiring a new generation to believe in the power of humanity.

The Elements of Style -- Strunk and White.  Although this isn't exactly great bedtime reading, this definitive word on the English language will improve your writing even if you just use it as a constant reference guide.

To Kill a Mockingbird -- Harper Lee.  Many classic novels have not withstood the test of time so far as style goes, but To Kill a Mockingbird can still keep you turning the pages.  Even if you read this in high school and hated it, give it another shot with fresh eyes.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy -- J.R.R. Tolkien.  Despite its daunting length, this trilogy has stolen the imagination of many generations of readers, artists, filmmakers, writers, and listeners alike, and it can do the same for you.  Be swept away into a fantastically well-imagined land and get caught up in the quest of the hobbits.

Ender's Game -- Orson Scott Card.  Even if you dislike science fiction, this story will capture your attention and force you to keep turning the pages.  The characterization and plot are amazing in and of themselves, and as a social commentary, Ender's Game will make you stop and evaluate who you consider to be the enemy in your world.

Check back next week for more books you should always buy at garage sales!  And for more great content, stop by and visit our free, growing community of yard sale enthusiasts, just like you!

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