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Summertime means a sea of garage sale signs posted on sign poles, light poles, and yards in every neighborhood.  Even if you use brightly colored cardstock and dark permanent marker lines, you'll have trouble standing out in the midst of so much sign chaos.  If you really want to make your sale pop out amidst the masses, try adding a logo -- a design that will be memorable, grab their attention, and lead them straight to your yard.

A Harley Davidson logo.

Decide what you want the logo to represent before you start drawing.  Do you have a pet who could be your "mascot"?  Do you want to have some money or other frugal symbol?  Whatever you choose, make sure that its meaning is clear, or at least that it's distinct and recognizable, so people will subconsciously associate it with something good.

Make the logo out of simple shapes.  You don't want something complicated that you have to draw twenty times, nor do you want people to be unable to see what the logo is supposed to be.  You can just composite together some simple shapes, like squares, circles, and triangles, or you can use a few lines to sweep out a recognizable design.

Design the logo on paper before you put it on your signs.  You may go through a few versions, and you don't want weird, lopsided logos on a few of the signs while others are more perfected.  Have some scrap paper at your workspace and put it to good use.  Even after you think you've perfected the design, go ahead and draw it a few more times for practice.  Chances are, you'll go through a few rough drafts, and better that those be on scrap paper than on your actual signs.

Put the logo in a prime location on each sign.  You don't want the logo to blend in so well with the letters that potential customers are trying to figure out why there's a bird-shaped E at the beginning of the word "sale," but nor do you want it to be so far away from the rest of your sign's content that they think it's separate.  Space between the arrow and the words is probably best.

Bring it all together with a logo somewhere on your property.  Whether you put a big sign featuring the logo above the sales table, permanently spray paint it onto your trash can, or make a t-shirt with it on the front, put your logo somewhere at your garage sale proper, so people know when they've finally arrived.

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