What's the Future of Garage Sales?

In the current economy, garage sales are popping up everywhere.  They're a good source of temporary income for people who are trimming back their lifestyles anyway, and they're an excellent opportunity for people who don't need brand new items and are trying to get a bargain on anything they buy.  The sale of secondhand merchandise is a booming miniature industry right now, but with the future looking brighter and a possible recovery on the way, what will happen to garage sales?  This blogger has a few predictions about the future of garage sales that should leave you avid salers encouraged.

garage sale on the street

People will always have junk.  Unless something happened to this country and it stopped all consumerism, nothing is going to prevent people from purchasing (or acquiring, via gifts and other methods) items they realize later they don't need.  When it comes down to it, most folks would rather get a little back on their otherwise-garbage than just toss it out, and so the garage sale will persist as a means of obtaining at least a small portion of what was spent on various items that are no longer wanted.

 Frugal attitudes come out of a recession, and that frugality will continue on through the generations that successfully make it through these hard years -- especially those that have been forced to grapple with learning to caring for themselves and perhaps others during such a scary time.  One side effect of frugality is being willing to purchase items in any condition besides brand new, which creates a demand for venues like garage sales.  And as long as the current generations pass on their frugal attitudes to the future inhabitants of America, there will be a demand for yard sales.

 Bartering, a necessary way of life during tough times, will remain popular for a while.  The trading of one skill or object for another without the use of currency is very handy during times when you may not be able to afford a haircut but you've got a lot of extra tomatoes in your backyard garden.  Even if people stop wanting to spend money at garage sales, they will still trade their old or unwanted things for goods and services they need more.

What are your thoughts on the future of garage sales?  We'd love to hear your opinion.  Write to us at blogger@garagesalecow.com or just drop us a comment here and let us know what you think!

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