What to Do When Your Sick

You've planned everything out for garage sale weekend -- and now you wake up to find out you're sick.  What to do now?

A sleeping sick child.

If you're sick to the point of nausea, you don't want to be exposing tons of people to your illness.  You also don't want to have to deal with people while you're feeling incredibly unwell, so if you think you may have the flu or something else nasty and contagious, go ahead and call the sale off.  Have someone help you take the signs down and turn customers away with an apologetic word.

Even if you're not deathly ill, you may want to quarantine yourself, and get someone else to host for you.  You can be around as a reference for prices and in case a customer needs some information your substitute host can't provide, but try to stay out of the faces of the customers, especially children (they are especially prone to getting sick in public situations!).

As soon as you find out you're sick, and during the sale, drink lots of rinhealth-promoting liquids.  Pick up some orange juice at the store, and find other beverages with lots of vitamins and helpful extras.  Also, try downing some Airborne in water; this health-promoting powder will give you a boost of energy after you drink it and help you to recover from your illness.

If you decide to stay and host, step away to blow your nose or cough a lot.  Customers shouldn't be able to easily tell that you're sick (besides your stuffy-nose voice, of course), and blowing your nose right in their faces or coughing excessively will certainly alert them to your bad health.  Just excuse yourself for a moment and step inside or around the corner of your house, then come back (cleansed!) when you're done.

Above all, wash your hands on a regular basis.  That's the fastest way to kill off germs lurking around on your hands is to keep them clean, using antibacterial soap and warm (if not hot) water.  If you don't have time or a convenient sink to wash your hands every time you blow your nose or cough into them, keep a supply of hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly.

Should you warn customers that you're sick?  That's up to you.  If you have to get in close proximity with someone, you may consider letting them know that you may be contagious so they can avoid direct contact.  Otherwise, you may want to keep it on the DL, considering that you won't likely make enough contact to actually get them sick.

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