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Sidebar: Consumer consumption is too high.  Community connections are too low.  We at propose one solution for both problems: garage sales.  With tons of free resources available, we are your best bet for advertising your sale.

Company Overview: is the Nation's Largest Garage Sale Website, and we are proud to bring you the resources you need to hold or shop garages sales successfully.  What's more, we believe in the freedom of information, and so we bring you our advertising capabilities, blog, tips, and even customizable signs for no cost.

Mission: To connect our communities across the country via the simple joys of garage saling, and to do it all for free!

Products: Printable signs; Cowvin t-shirts; advertisements/garage sale locator.



About Me: Are you feeling the economic squeeze?  Earn some extra cash, or buy your items secondhand, by utilizing one of the greatest community activities of all time: the garage sale.  At, we want to help.  We provide free garage sale advertising and locating in your area and across the country.

We are committed to making your life as a garage saler easier and less expensive.  Plan your next weekend treasure hunt, or advertise your own items to a community that wants it.  Browse our helpful tools and tips, and join the thousands of users who have already discovered  Best of all, do all of it for free!

Who I'd Like to Meet: Garage sale fanatics across the country, and even the world!

Interests (General): Garage sales, yard sales, moving sales, estate sales, community sales, rummage sales, things that are free, things that make life easier, blogging, and munching on grass.



Description: We here at can see the squeeze these hard economic times are having on the wallets of ordinary people, so we're here to pose a solution: garage sales!  As a host, you can make a little extra cash and clean out your closets; as a shopper, you can get just about anything you need for less money and less impact on the environment. is committed to giving you flexibility, functionality, and freebies when it comes to everything you need to host or shop successfully.  With a free locating and advertising system that reaches nation-wide, a blog chock full of helpful tips, and lots of other community goodies, we're the Nation's Largest Garage Sale Website and we are growing every day thanks to people like you!  Never pay for advertising again with!



Cowvin is a happy cow who loves naps in the sun and lush green fields.  He also loves garage saling!  Recently, he's taken up typing and loves to share his knowledge of garage sales with anyone who will listen.

Consumerism and community -- you wouldn't think they have much in common, but Cowvin disagrees.  He believes the solution to both of these is garage sales: they lower consumption of new products, give old products new life, and lessen the impact on the environment, as well as draw communities together to celebrate sunshine and loose change.  So join Cowvin here for a steady stream of garage sale blogging and get your garage sale on!



About Me: If you're sick of the rabid consumerism in this country, and don't even know your own neighbors, we at want to propose a solution for both of these things: garage sales!  We are your best bet for advertising and locating, because we are completely free!  No more newspaper ad hassles or fees. is the Nation's Largest Garage Sale Website, and we are proud to bring you the resources you need to hold or shop garages sales successfully.

Follow Cowvin, our 7-foot-tall cow mascot, as he travels the country, encouraging garage salers from all over in their shopping and hosting endeavors!

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