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It's completely free to use, which is great because newspaper ads can cost more than $20 these days, and we reach a group of people who are specifically interested in knowing where your sale is.

Roaming around a garage sale.

If you hear there's rain coming the weekend of your sale and you decide to go through with it, prepare yourself with some tarps and collapsible shelters.

Make signs on brightly colored paper and, if possible, add some sort of memorable image.  But don't make it too detailed! You just want it to catch shoppers' attention.

Bartering calls for a level head and a clear idea of how much you're willing to pay for an item or let an item go for.  Don't barter when you're angry!  Try to have a full stomach and stay dehydrated so your head will be clear.

Contact local charities ahead of time if you're bringing them large amounts of donations, so they'll be ready to receive the goods.

One of the best weekends to hold a sale is the weekend after the Fourth of July.  Everyone's pretty much guaranteed to be home, and you know it's going to be warm!

With garage sales becoming more popular, some cities are cracking down on their regulations, so be sure to check with your town or county to make sure you aren't violating any laws.

When pricing your items, use dark ink, large numbers, or colorful tags -- preferably all of these if you can swing it! Your customers want to know how much they can expect to pay for your merchandise without asking you every few minutes how much you're asking.

Social media is a great way to tell people you know about your garage sale without having to go out of your way to tell them. Garage Sale Cow is also a great resource for freely telling the world about your sale!

Play a little background music at your next yard sale.  It makes for a more inviting atmosphere, and allows people to chat with a little privacy.  No more awkward silences!

During the week, keep a list of sales you've heard or read about that you're interested in shopping.  Before you even head out the door on Saturday (or Friday, or Sunday), use Google Maps or MapQuest to plot yourself a route for maximum saling efficiency.

Park your car somewhere within your line of sight, just in case someone decides that antique plate on the passenger's seat is just too tempting to ignore.

Did you know that your garage sale profits are taxable in some areas?  And if you make garage saling your living, you'll need to report your income as well.

You're already out and about, facing the crowds -- it's like the holiday shopping season! -- so why not buy all of your Christmas gifts during the summer this year?  You'll save a bundle and make some great finds a retail store would never have.

The old adage "you break it, you buy it" applies to garage sales, too.  Respect the host's property and pay for anything you damage.


Which is better, driving or walking to sales?

What's the most valuable item you've ever found at a garage sale?  The most unusual?

What do you find to be the most useful way to advertise your sale? {Insert plug for GSC here! :D}

For hosts: do you put out a free box?  Why or why not?

If you have ever added an "attraction" to your garage sale, what was it?

What do you do with your pets while hosting or shopping a garage sale?

How do your kids help you put together a garage sale?

Name the most terrible refreshment you've ever purchased from a yard sale.

When out and about garage saling, what kinds of lunch and snack foods do you take along? How about beverages?

What's your routine like on a garage saling weekend?

Quick, name the best table substitute you've ever used or seen. Go!

Do you wear a fanny pack? Why or why not?

Describe your typical outfit as a shopper.  What do you not mind trudging about in for an entire day?

Describe your typical outfit as a host.  What is comfortable enough to wear all day?

What do you consider your vital shopper's accessories? Purse, keys, wallet, phone -- anything unique?

How do you deal with early birds?

Okay, who can come up with the best cow and garage sale pun?  Cowvin's always looking for good ones!

Have you ever run into a monster host?  What were they like and what did you do?

What's the most disappointing garage sale purchase you've ever made?

After you have a successful garage saling weekend, how do you celebrate?

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