Selling Video Games

Selling video games is a little bit different from selling DVDs, although both may include discs.  If you've got a load of excess games and don't want to make a trip to your local GameStop or other gaming store -- in all honesty, they don't give you much for a game, unless it's really popular or rare -- you can certainly unload them at your garage sale.  Here's a list of handy tips to do just that.

Online games stacked vertically.

Figure out the values of each game, using online resources like eBay to see what the current selling price is.  This is a good chance to figure out which would be worth selling online, as a separate thing, and which aren't worth bothering with the shipping.  Obviously, you can't get the same amount for each game as you could online, because garage salers aren't ready to dish out that kind of money, but it will at least give you a good idea of what price scale you should be using.

Pull aside the more popular or valuable games and keep them with you, for safety's sake.  Unfortunately, garage sales are a good way for dishonest folks to make off with items they hope won't be missed, so if you are determined to get your money's worth for one game or another, keep them on hand.

Consider bundling games together, perhaps by console or topic, so that people will be more inclined to take a larger amount off your hands.  Putting a popular game in with one or two lesser-known games is a good way to get rid of those that no one would even give a second glance to.  Who knows, you might end up selling someone a game they reluctantly buy and end up adoring!

If you're selling a console, bundle it up with some games and tack on a bit of an extra price.  You'll have to decide ahead of time if you would be willing to break up the bundle (should someone want either just the console or just the game[s]).

Make your no-returns policy clear as you conclude the transaction.  Electronics is one of those item categories that people will often seek a refund for if whatever they bought doesn't work, and it's preferable that you don't have strangers knocking on your door two weeks later when it turns out the game doesn't play on their console.

Is there an item you'd like to sell, but aren't sure how?  Email us at and let us know; we'll be happy to do a blog about it!

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