Holding a Nighttime Garage Sale

You may not be a morning person, so the idea of a nighttime garage sale may appeal to you.  If so, you'll need to do just about everything you'd do for a normal sale -- plus a few extra things.  It is a lot of work to put together a nighttime sale, but there are some distinct advantages: the temperature is way lower (great for both you and the customers), the customers will likely only have your sale to shop, and you get to set your own hours.


You'll need some really good advertising for a nighttime garage sale, because people don't expect sales to be going on after 3 p.m. or so.  If you like to shop garage sales yourself, you can enjoy the day as a shopper -- and advertise in the meantime.  Let your fellow shoppers know that you'll be holding a sale later in the day, and hand out flyers with directions.  You'll also want to really emphasize the nighttime aspect of the sale on any signs you post up around the neighborhood so people don't show up too early.

 Good lighting is crucial to a safe nighttime sale.  Granted, during the summer, the light doesn't vanish until around 9 or 10 p.m.; however, if your sale goes later than that, you'll want to make sure all your customers can see where they're walking.  You can set up some flood lights or even inexpensive lights you might hang in the garage, just so your shoppers don't trip or run into painful things.  If your garage is well-lit, you can hold your sale in there.

 Bugs come out at night and are an unwelcome irritation for people remaining outdoors.  You can purchase bug repellant in the form of citronella candles and burn them to ward off the pests bothering you and your customers.  Anti-bug lights are also an option, and will zap bugs right out of the air.

 If you hold a nighttime sale, be sure to keep noise levels down.  Your neighbors may be irritated by the fact that you have shoppers on the street during their evening relaxation, so be sure your shoppers are well-behaved and keep their voices down.  You may want to talk to your neighbors ahead of time to clear the idea with them, just so you don't have any fallings out thanks to a sale weekend.

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