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If you do not have any children in your household, you may want to move on; this article won't help you out.  But if you do, welcome!  Bringing kids into the garage saling world is fun and sometimes trying.  Here are some tips for helping your kids help you put on a garage sale.

A kid and a dog willing to help you.

Let your kids get in the spirit of sorting.  Some children cling pretty tightly to their old toys, but if you gently coax them out of it, they can turn into sorting machines!  Explain that to have space for any new toys they get, they'll need to choose some things to give away.  Then tell them the kicker: they can make money to spend on whatever they would like.  For most kids, it won't take any more motivation than that to start going through Lego tubs, action figure collections, plastic animal sets, and unloved stuffed animals.

Give them small tasks.  If your children are old enough to write their numbers, have them help you price by writing out an allotted number of price labels.  With more than one child, assign a different price to each one and make it a race.  Also, put them to work stickering the items once the labels are completed.  And on garage sale day, let them tote smaller boxes or piles outside and set them up.

Guide them through the process of setting up a refreshment stand.  If you've determined that refreshments are a worthwhile endeavor, give the whole process over to the kids.  They can mix the brownie batter and watch it bake, then wrap them in plastic wrap and sit outside with the stand, or continually go back to the house for more ice for the lemonade.  A word of advice: if you go this route, make sure your children are involved in every step, from purchasing to cleaning up, and teach them a valuable lesson about business in the process.

Let them take money.  Some shoppers don't bother to barter, and when they come along, let your kids take their money and make change.  It's a great lesson in practical math, and it gives your checkout process an adorable touch.

Have them watch the dog.  Blessed with children and a canine friend?  As it's best to keep dogs out of the way of garage sales to avoid customers with phobias, let your little ones all keep each other occupied in the backyard or the back of the house.  Buy or bake some special treats and task the kids with teaching the dog a brand new trick by the time the day is over. 

Encourage them to observe.  If garage saling is a regular part of your life -- and if you think your kids might find the skills useful -- make them be reporters.  Ask them to record down five or six things they think are important about a garage sale, and have them report back to you at the end of the day.  A garage sale is a great teaching opportunity!

Finally, have your kids help you set up your garage sale posting on!  Ask them for wording suggestions as you join the world's fastest-growing online garage sale community for free.

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Antonio Love
Antonio Love
2/22/2013 3:42:36 PM #

Assign your kids to greet the costumers coming in. You could set-up a booth for them to man and sell refreshments for the duration of the sale. Even cars passing by will be attracted to cute children helping their parents earn cash by having a booth in the garden. To make it safe, you could have it at the back of your property so other children would stay all stay in one place and their parents will no longer worry that they may wander outside and get hit by a car. You're involving your children as well as helping your costumers take care of their children.

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